Track Who is Trying to Login into Your WordPress Admin Panel

You may think your website is very new and not much popular. So none can try to hack your WordPress. If you think so then I will tell you are wrong. From my real experience I know some bad guys are always trying to hack any website. It is a hobby of them. And some people may hack an website for his benefit. WordPress is a popular and open source CMS. Everybody know the internal codes of an WP site. And it is a nice playground to hacker. Your site is not risk free. Hackers are always trying to hack your site. It is no matter that your site is popular or not. Your site is always getting attack on behalf of you. So to keep your website secure you must have to know the stat of attack. So now you are thinking how do you know your site is getting hacking attempts. No worry. There is an very handy and useful WordPress plugin to help you. The plugin is WP Logs Book. I made this plugin and I am using this plugin. This plugin keeps track of all failed login information. It keeps usernames and passwords those are used by hacker. It also keeps hackers IP, time and browser information. Use WP Logs Book and wait only one day. You will see an eye catching result. It will break your previous thought. You will discover new security experience about your wordpress website. Download and read detail about WP Logs Book Plugin.
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