Click Jacker

Click Jacker is a WordPress plugin to Hijacks others best efforts and  show your own affiliate links , popup , newsletter signup form, your own HTML codes, and  turn that into your own auto pilot income.
I made this plugin as a freelancer for one of my client Thomas Witek , He is the owner of this plugin.
Click Jacker WordPress Plugin
Click Jacker will change the way that you market affiliate products online. This sneaky WordPress plugin hijacks links. No longer will you have to give up leads to your affiliate company and lose customers after you finally convince people to click on your affiliate link. You get to keep your OWN leads.Now you can start profiting from not only your efforts, but those of your best competitors. Your One-Way Ticket to financial freedom!

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  1. While this plugin is good for “stealing” or hijacking sites for fun and profits, you can also put it to good use as a way to educate visitors to your site or in our case, we used our copy of the Click Jacker plugin to update and restyle our mobile simulator. You can see it in operation here:



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