Monetize Perfectly and Ensure Maximum Earning from Your Blog

As a blogger or webmaster you must know the impotency of each visitor of your blog or website.  You know how difficult to monetize every visitor of a blog. You must want to ensure the maximum earning from your blog . To make money and to increase traffic to your blog you apply many way. You show many things to visitors , here is a short list.

  • Banner ads from adsens, clicksor, adbrite etc ad networks
  • Banner ad of varieties products with affiliate links
  • Social network buttons and like boxes
  • Signup and email newsletter form
  • Many popup box with many kind of ads, email newsletter form, product affiliate banner etc.
  • Popup window to show your affiliate link or other need.
  • And many more technique…..

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Advertising is the most popular way to make money. You can do affiliate marketing, You can show CPM ads or may do CPC advertising. No matter what you are doing, But you must have to utilize your stuffs and efforts that you do. Monetize your website traffics perfectly.
We know that there is no benefit to show everything to every visitors. We must have to think about visitors quality, interests , country etc. Your blog may get many kind visitors but all of them will not give you benefit. But you have to try to use each visitor to make money.  You should not show all kind of offer to all visitor. Show different ads based on visitor’s country, different ads in the different pages of you blog. Serve different ads based on your content and keywords. Target your visitors logically. Create, edit, delete ads and do A/B testing to choose the most effective combination of advertise. You are unable to do these jobs manually , you must need a perfect management system that make your life easier.

From my blogging , affiliate marketing and programming experience I have made an unique , complete , functional, useful and easiest WordPress plugin for advertising management.
My plugin is “WP Ad Guru“.

  • Complete advertising management plugin for WordPress.
  • Convert your each traffic to money.
  • Manage banner ads, modal popup and window popup.
  • Show ads by zones.
  • Show perfect ads to your visitor based on Geo Location and multiple conditions of visited pages.
  • Sow one more ads in same place like carousel-slider.
  • Rotate ads based on percentage you set.
  • Set individual banner and popups for each blog post.
  • Promote your affiliate links, email subscription form, any special offers using modal popups.

You will discover thousands of different technique to make money by using this plugin. See Complete features list of WP Ad Guru.

Download WP Ad Guru Plugin
wp ad guru plugin

I added following facebook like box using WP Ad Guru Plugin. This is just an example of using shortcode of this plugin.

This plugin is premium but you can use a free version with limited features.  Download Ad Guru Lite from

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