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“WP Logs Book” is an WordPress plugin that helps you to stores various activity logs for your website. Hackers are always trying to hack your website behind your eyes. This plugin helps you to know how many times hackers try to login in your website and which usernames and passwords they are using. Your website gets many hits on some URLs those are not found in your website. Your CSS files may contain some unused style information calling images those are not exists. If you have 10 wrong image urls, your site will load full wordpress 10 times for 10 not found images in a single page view. Read this blog post about CSS image mistake.¬†Using this plugin you will able to know for which URLs and how many times “404 (not found ) error” occurred in your website. More activity logs are under development for next version

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Some users of this plugin wrote some reviews on their own blogs about wp logs book.  Here I am mentioning those review by titles. Read following reviews

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