Hack into Google and Get All Google+ Profile ID and URL

Google+ is the most trending social networking website we know. It is increasing day by day. There is a lot of SEO benefit if you/your-page are connected with other Google+ users. There may have some aplications those need google+ users’ profile ID to send message, friend request, invite to circle etc. All users are identified by its unique ID. If you know any user’s ID you can get his some public information very easily by using some google API. I had a question , how can I get all google+ user’s profile ID. I did not get the answer anywhere. I had an idea to  search that.  Users’ profile page is public by default and it is being  indexed in search engine. So there must have an open url to get all Google+ profile page urls.

Today I was studying about robots.txt. You must know what robots.txt is. I was   testing how big websites wrote their robots.txt. We know  all websites keep this robots.txt in the site-root/home directory as example http://example.com/robots.txt. You can open this file from any modern website. I was testing that. http://facebook.com/robots.txt ,    http://yahoo.com/robots.txt   ,  http://www.bing.com/robots.txthttp://youtube.com/robots.txt . And finally when I open http://google.com/robots.txt I found a strange thing I think. At the bottom of the file I found Sitemap: http://www.gstatic.com/s2/sitemaps/profiles-sitemap.xml . Go to this url  http://www.gstatic.com/s2/sitemaps/profiles-sitemap.xml , You will see a list of Google+ profile sitemaps url.


All URLs of this xml file contain all google+ users profile ID and URLs. I opened one of theme http://www.gstatic.com/s2/sitemaps/sitemap-00000000.txt and got thousands of google+ users profile ID.


These profile ID may be used for some kind of internet marketing. Some intelligent programmer may use these IDs for there their smart social media marketing applications. I don’t know how this URLs may be helpful. If any body know the benefit of it please tell me by writing a comment on this post.  If anybody can use these profile IDs in any smart way please share that.

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  1. For the success of a website a sitemap should be prepared. Xml site map is always prefered. As the search engine crawlers likes xml sitemap


    1. I know this not a hack at all. This is just a fun in title. I just wanted to show a alternate way to get a list of g+ users in a file. It may be helpful for programmers.
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. OK, here is a question

    When we are looking at someone’s google+ profile, scripts are identifying you to show you only the things you are allowed to see.
    That probably means that your account id is checked. How to cheat code and see someone’s profile as other user?
    Like my id is 11111 and i would like to see the profile as it is seen by user with id 2222?


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